Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ikea TVC and MAS Awards

Although I'm no longer connected in Advertising, the industry still has a soft spot in my heart. I still watch great TV ads from around the world and here's one that I like :)

If you can't play the video, click the link. This is so cute! There's one Ikea TVC too about the gnomes, you can also search it on Bestads.
This particular ad reminds me of my little boy who doesn't want to be called baby anymore. Oh dear Sam, don't grow up just yet.

On the topic of great work, I recently got news that one of my former colleagues is a finalist for Best Sound Design in Gaming Category for International Music and Sound Awards. Guess for what game? Ghost Recon! Cool right? Here's the link to see the finalists.
He didn't bag the prize but being shortlisted and going to Cannes as finalist is awesome already for any artist.

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