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Sophie @ 7: Her Disney Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Finally! Photos of the party for our little princess who turned 7 last January 16. I tell you, even at this point I still catch myself in awe that I'm a mom of a seven-year old. It's pretty amazing and surreal. Where did the time go?

A background story: even before we decided to have a themed party, we were torn between celebrating her birthday quietly and just the family; maybe a trip to HK Disneyland instead or a birthday bash with all the hullabaloo. The celebrant chose party so we pulled up our sleeves and started working on it. It's a celebration of life and with God's providence, the little girl got her wish.

Here are (a lot) of the photos of the party. We loved how everything turned out - the party details to the compliments we got from guests. Hope you too get inspiration and ideas for your next party as some of the details here were do-it-yourself or DIY.

I got totally inspired by DIY party ideas here and here. I really wanted that kind of party look. Nothing fancy and grand, just crafty, creative and fun.

Except for the balloons, our party decors and the candy buffet were product of months of research on how to come up with a winter themed party without breaking the bank. Thank you to all family members and friends who helped one way or another. It's such a bliss to know Sophie is so loved that way.

an old Xmas decor turned stage decor
Our family pictorial before things got busy. Love these photos to bits. Thanks 5th Door Productions for capturing the special moments.

Sophie's gown made by none other than her lola (my Mom). The only thing I bought for her ensemble was her crown. We also bought Sam's blue polo and a new pair of shoes to go with the matching blue outfits of the fam bam. I'm wearing a dress from H&M and belt from Landmark.

Cake and cupcakes by
The toppers I ordered at It was so hard looking for Frozen items in stores after the movie hit the local cinemas, everything was sold out so I had to find a local online store. I didn't dare order from abroad because I was worried the purchase will not make it on time. Remember, we had to change theme at the last minute? We didn't have that much time in our hands.

The cake and cupcakes with Disney's Frozen gang. Isn't Olaf adorbs? :)

icicles made from styropore, glue and epsom salt. Handcrafted by husby :)

The party started off with the introduction of the whole fam and a touching prayer by my Mom. 

Our host Evelyn Peralta started the ball rolling with games for everyone. She also did magic, ventriloquism and balloon twisting for us. So much talent in one bubbly persona. I love her more because she was generous with her ideas, so thoughtful and kind. We met each other once before the party and just chatted for hours. 


See the happy faces especially that of the celebrant? Priceless moments captured. Our goal achieved. 

Throughout the preparation, the celebrant was involved in the planning and some of the execution of details. It's important for us that the party was Sophie-approved. We originally booked a different entertainment for the party but she wanted 'lots of magic and games' so there you go.

Prizes and loots for the quick and the bibo :) Bought most of it at National Bookstore while some from Landmark and Divisoria.

Even the adults got too competitive during the games! I swear I was laughing 'til my jaw ached that day :)

Of course, the girls bagged the prizes. Sorry boys!

Sumptuous food and flowing drinks by Verleo. Smiling faces c/o guests. The head waiter said they gave away lots of calling cards so I'm thinking that equates to better business for them.

I totally recommend Verleo - very good customer service, follows through and most importantly everybody loved the food! Even the non-pork eater ate the pot roast. It was that good haha!

And don't you just love the setup? It captured Elsa and Anna's colors. Yes, even the table linens had to be chosen by the celebrant.

The giveaways were personalized stickers from Booths Republic. Kids and adults alike enjoyed this :)

We also invited Nestle Ice Cream to the party! What's a birthday without ice cream anyway so we got drumsticks, twin popsies, pinipig crunch and more for everyone. 

Here's ate Sophie being a stage sister to his brother during a game while my dashing Sam busied himself with ice cream. 

Here comes our DIY projects: the stage, candy buffet and more.

The stage made up of old Christmas decors, icicles, beads, sequins and yards of blue fabric from Divisoria. My go to place is always Michelle's in Divisoria mall.The cream silk was from my Mom's fabric collection.

We also bought packs of cupcake liners from Chocolate Lover which we turned into garlands, doilies. Polystyrene for the the name and Olaf and craft paper from National Bookstore. I lost count of how many times I went back to the bookstore to buy paint, paper, glue, etc.

My sister and I separately did snowflakes and other decors and incorporated everything during setup time.

The huge letters that spelt SOPHIA and snowman Olaf was made by yours truly with some paint job help from the celebrant herself and our helpers. They're far from perfect but I got lots of compliment from making Olaf so look alike (he had real carrot nose by the way). Some posed for a photo beside our adorable snowman :0 All but a labor of love.

We covered the stage with foam, the kind that you use to make quilts.

stage base made of silver twigs with cupcake liner garlands, silver Xmas decors, oversized J&B bottle used as vase, pompons, silver confetti and more !
To complete the look, JDF Lights and Multimedia provided the lights. Found this supplier through Sulit. Got the one with the most affordable price and positive feedback.

We even got snow! Yay! :)

I know with Frozen being a hit worldwide, it won't be long before parties are gonna be themed after the movie. Snow machines will definitely give bubble machines a run for their money. 

Our candy buffet- took us weeks of finding the perfect treats for the theme and look that we wanted. I think my sister and I stressed more over this than anything else haha!

I bought white picture frames from SM and placed Sophie's photo in one and a cutout glittered S in another. 

everything looked frosted and cool!

We got them labeled just for fun. Free printable here. Candies from Chocolate Lover and various grocery stores our mileage can reach :) The mallow pops and choco almond tops as well as the jelly cups were done by the family.

Our DIY centerpiece addition. Various frosted glass and glittered snowman made by Sophie and family.

photo by Bangs Mapanoo
We had last minute addition to add more personal touch to the party: craft table (because our celebrant is big on arts) where you can make your own snowflakes, choose your coloring pages or sticker tattoo and a photo gallery of the Sophie's 7 years, from her first room in when she was born until she turned 7. The photos hang on our Christmas tree brought to the venue.

The (not so) little princess blowing her cake. Our pretty Sophie, you will always be dad and mom's baby girl. Don't grow so fast please.

Happy birthday little princess! Daddy, Sam and I love you so much. Always stay beautiful inside and out.

Party suppliers:
Venue: Mapayapa Village I clubhouse, Quezon City
Food: Verleo -
Cake and cupcakes: Theresa of:
Ice Cream: Nestle -
Giveaways: Stickers from Booths Republic -
Photo and Video: 5th Door Productions -
Visit their FB page :
Everything else was a labor of love. 



What a wonderful, sweet, loving celebration! So many happy faces. I especially liked the photo of your 'princess' all along in her costume at the end of the post.

xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

Nice job mommy Janaki! Happy birthday to my inaanak!


Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks Anni and happy birthday to you too :)
Thanks Che. Sa birthday ni B, let's conceptualize :)

Johann Cruz said...
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Johann Cruz said...

Hi. Her birthday was awesome. It was like You hired an event stylist. How much did pay for the whole party? Thanks

Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks Johann. With all the DIY I think I saved half of what I would've spent if I hired a stylist. As of the actual price, let's say it's less than 100k ;)

Johann Cruz said...

Wow!thank you. My daughter will be having her 1st bday on april and we were planning to have Frozen as the theme. Your blog gave us more ideas. Thanks again! Your daughter is pretty too.:)

Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks again. All the best on your celebration!:)

arose tadeo said...

My daughter will celebrate her 7th birthday this July and she wants a 'Frozen' Party. I've been searching for ideas ever since we've seen the movie :) I like how you decorate the stage! I will definitely use this as an inspiration. Thank you for posting!

Janaki Garcia said...

You are welcome Arose :)

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