Thursday, September 20, 2012

Concerts to Watch

OMG! Two of my fave artists in Manila concert scene. How cool is that? :)

Ate JLo, I will see you okay? LoL! :)

The eternally cool Sting will be here in December. Hubby and I are so going to this one :)

For those who love these artists as well, this is your perfect holiday gift to self. 


anney said...

Nakita ko kanina sa TV patrol yung mga mag ko concert dito. Yung kay JLO ang gusto ko! makabili na nga ng VIP tickets! hahaha! joke lang. Ang mahal haha! Wala bang tig 500? lol!

march on... said...

Oo nga. nakakaloka ang prices ng tickets, cheapest is P2600. Haay sana makanuod tayo nito. Kailangan ng sponsor :)

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