Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Charge and In Control: Belle de Jour Event

When I got an email invite for this event, I read through, not really sure if this event if really for me. After reading, I immediately signed up to attend. They had me at corporate and Saturday. This is definitely for me. An event for working women on a Saturday :)


On the event day, I arrived a little late (thanks to metro traffic) and got a wee bit of Kat Dy’s talk about power dressing. Good thing, I made it to the juicy part, Q & A portion where real women asked real life concerns on dressing up for work, all those tips and what nots. 
Kat Dy also hosted the event and I find her very entertaining, so natural on stage and very chic.

Kay Dy
In between the games and raffle draws (I believe everyone brought home something), a guest speaker from Unilab gave a very informative talk on how to take care of our intimates and work clothes by understanding the labels/instructions and how to take care of our LBDs. Did you know that we can actually clean our jewelry with fabric conditioner? 

After more raffle draws and fun games, it was time for PJ Lanot’s talk. PJ is a motivational speaker who has travelled locally and globally for speaking engagements. He also owns several restos such as Burger Project and Pepino among others.
I have been to many talks and management seminars and as our speaker was being introduced, I silently hoped that my time will not be wasted listening to what I already know.
Truth be told, I actually held my wee until the end of PJ’s talk because I didn’t want to miss any part of his talk. When I looked around me in the middle of his talk (the event was held in heavy-traffic concourse area of SM Makati), quite a number of passersby actually stopped to listen. He is one engaging and magnetic speaker. He has the power to draw in a crowd.

PJ Lanot
What was his talk to become filthy rich! Or as they formally titled it 11 Factors that Make People Really, Really Successful. That's why it drew in a crowd. 

According to PJ, the 11 factors that can make a person successful are:
1)    Location – take advantage of what’s good in your location. My personal example: If water is hard to come by in your area, then sell water. 
2)    Situation – example are those who succeeded even in time of great wars. They took advantage of the situation, war being a great equalizer; with diligence these now business magnates became sucessful;
3)    Time – almost all successful men have one thing in common – they wake up earlier that everyone else. The early bird gets the worm as they say :)
4)    physical self – perfect example would be Michael Phelps, his unique physical attributes made him become an award-winning olympian in swimming.
5)    Information – information is power, ‘nuff said.
6)    Experience – practice makes a habit. Agree? I do.
7)    Talent – either you have it or you don’t but one has to exhaust and know himself to identify his strenth and talent
8)    Networks – No one succeeds alone. Amen!
9)    Technology – just as information is power, so is technology and it's all around us to explore.
10) Passion – the driving force that will keep us going despite all the trials and struggles. I totally agree, I have been in the business of Post Production for 15 years now and I believe only passion keeps me going. 
11)  Money – last on the list, yes. PJ believes you don’t need money to be successful. What’s more important is that you have all other 10 factors.

 I went home with goodies from this event and more importantly, an inspiration take on something new and big and pursue to be successful. Thanks to Belle de Jour for the invite and for making the ultimate organizer for women. Thanks too to


anney said...

Such a wonderful event! Very informative!

march on... said...

Thanks Anney :)

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