Thursday, September 13, 2012

Progressive School: Palarong Pinoy 2012

Our Palarong Pinoy experience this year was a little different from last year's song, dance and re-enactments.  This year, it was all fun and games for both children and parents in the aim to introduce to children the very Pinoy games like luksong tinik, kadang kadang and other games that make use of organic materials like coconuts and bamboo.

Hubby and I were as excited because both our kids took part in the activities. Love, love taking photos of my kids as they frantically wave their colored flags and played in the games assigned to them. They were such sport, knows the concept of participative play and were so proud of them. Both were in high spirits the whole event. 

The truth is, my little girl packed her kikay bag 3 days before Palarong Pinoy. Excited much :)

During the parade of colors
The opening prayer. Sophie sang the Lupang Hinirang

 Sam with his classmates

 Sam joined the relay race of Nursery level. They won the game! :)

Sophie was part of the luksong tinik game. Her partner had to sit it out in the middle of the game so they were not able to finish the game. 

While this is the 'tulala' me when I learned that our game was race on coconut shell or 'patiyakad'. We were about to win when the other team's coconut crashed and we had to change the game to sack race. We lost but it was all fun. It was actually my first time to join a sack race :)

This year, it was the school teachers and staff's turn to do the dance and play part :)

At the end of the program, awards and prizes were given away and just as Sophie thought she has no prize from the games, she was called to stage as the Batang Active Thinkers ng Palarong Pinoy. Yay! Being the student who was the most active and all out from practice to the actual program, she took home several books, art materials and a game board.

We look forward to next year's Palarong Pinoy but I'm sure it's gonna be new experience since my kids will be going to different schools next year. 

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