Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parenting: Small Goals with Big Impact

Our lives are filled with itsy bitsy details that when we attempt think and do them at the same time can be just as overwhelming.

The past weeks, it was just as overwhelming at work with all the launching programs/projects that I tend to lose control of family life. But I thought, one small step at a time. Time is my friend (sometimes).  Prioirity-wise, here are my small goals that I can focus on right now:

  1. Help Sam learn to write his full name. He has started to right the first three letters of his name, SAM ( sometimes backwards but it's okay). For the past weeks, we have been practicing on writing his full name including his surname. I made him a very good deal he can’t refuse that’s why the defiant little man is hard on achieving this goal. 
  1. For Sophia, in the next months we need to scout and make a shortlist of a good school for next year when she turns first grade. This is her last year in her current school and until now, we’re still torn between a progressive or traditional school. Is ecclectic way of teaching effective? Need to make a research on that as well. Oh wow, my little girl is such a big girl now...
  1. I recently gave our DVD cabinets another visit in the hope to reorganize hundreds of DVDs & CDs. While going through piles of discs, I realized that I have Hip Hop Abs copy. Gave it a try once more and found it really fun and helpful to lose those calories even on a rainy day. Those days when I can’t go to the gym or run. Perfect for toning my abs and gluts since this is my next fitness goal. ‘Nuff with the bulges, I say (hopefully, I can say that same for hubby). 
     4. Still working on filling up our emergency fund and it looks like bright days ahead. We are slowly but surely reaping the fruits of our investment and I likey :0

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