Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happiness Is...

I went to our company's bowling tournament on a fine Saturday morning. It was the opening day of the tourney and, honestly, I felt both freakish and excited. I haven't played in a tournament for years but decided to join nonetheless after some coaxing from co-workers. I think it was a good idea to join this year. We won that day :)

Before anything else, the Oath of Sportsmanship

I brought along my photographer daughter to the game and here she caught me patiently waiting, in my oversized uniform, for a strike. Yep, it was a strike! Yay :0

I was informed that there's a cash prize for the first five bowlers who hit a strike at the opening. Double happiness! :)

 Came Sunday, my husband decided to be spontaneous and said 'let's go to Centris.'  Every Sunday, Centris Walk holds a weekend market and vendors sell a variety of goods - fruits, veggies, plants ranging from herbal to fruit bearing plants, meat in raw and cooked form (the beef ribs particularly got my attention). This is a total heaven for gardeners and food lovers alike.
I always wanted to experience it so immediately dropped the plan to join the morning aero and got ready for a trip to Centris.
What we bought:
1. Tita Norms biko (P20/slice). You have got to try this, rice well cooked and just enough sweetness and texture.

2. Seedless Atis plant (P120) and Kalamansi (P150). I've always wanted to plant kalamansi and I'm glad hubby took me back to Centris. I was a gardening warrior that day.

See all the other fruit bearing plants available in the area. I didn't even know until then that there's such a thing as seedless atis

If you plan to visit Centris on a Sunday to purchase some plants, look for this very amiable and accommodating (but camera shy) guy. He's Mang Lando who gave me a good price for my plants. According to him, all these plants came from their farm in Batangas. From the main entrance, their stall is located at the far right end of the market.

Bought also some plants to replace my overgrown and rowdy vietnam roses. I wanted a clean look for my garden this time.

Other things we bought : langka for our weekend halo halong ginataan (P100/pack) and our new fave dilis fillet (P150/kilo).
One  tip if you plan to visit this place, try to come as early as possible as it can get scorchy hot in area after 7am plus you can easily get a space to park your car. We are definitely coming back to Centris Sunday market. I want to buy more herbal plants and one store sell them for 3-for-P100. 


anney said...

Bihira ang seedless atis. Pero parang mas masarap kainin ang may buto. lol! Para sakin ha, kasi mas enjoy ako kinakagat yung buto para matanggal laman. Naku siguro more than 20 years ago na nung huli ako nakakain ng seedless atis. hehehe!

march on... said...

Oo nga, mas challenging kainin ang atis na may buto. Ako, I haven't tasted seedless atis and looks like I'll have to wait a few months (or a year) for the fruits of my plant.

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