Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Decade

A few weeks back, I received an email from our Admin dept. that a photo shoot is scheduled for the service awardees of the company. I'm part of the shoot being 10 years in the company (celebrated last February).

Woah! A decade? Had it been that long already?

Certainly, my journey in broadcast industry is one interesting, enriching, fun and, thankfully, a rewarding one. The heavens has been kind; guided me well with life decisions, personal or career. The good God gives me clear directions so I don't go dilly dallying and get to where I need to be. A purpose-driven life, if I may say so myself.

Of course, there's more that I need and want to do. I feel like there's more that I can do for my community to unleash my other passions and to pay forward.  While I work towards that goal, I'm happy that my work continues to be a place to learn and grow in a various aspects.

Although I am mostly googling about HD shoot technical specs, H.264 and all other codecs, about a new terms in this ever changing digital world, I find the continuous learning experience keeps my blood flow streaming. The Philippines needs to be digital ready in 2 or so years time and with that comes the need for broadcast industry to be ready as well. A lot of nose-bleeding terms here and there, a lot of new discoveries everyday and it's exciting! As the old adage puts it, only change is constant so we better keep up.

A few weeks ago too, I attended a birthday lunch for all Feb and March celebrants of the company and it's surreal to realize, the years that I celebrated my birthdays in this company? How long has this industry been witness to all my life-changing events like when I got hitched, gave birth to my 2 kids and aged out of the calendar days and into the lotto ticket. Coincidentally, when I gave birth to Sophie we were launching a new channel and when I was pregnant with Sam we inaugurated the new building. I was such a busy preggy mommy, I was all over the place and unstoppable in my very protruding belly! Thank goodness for healthy pregnancy :)

Looking at things now, I am proud, happy and thankful of where I am. My work requires me to be OC 150% of the time, to be assertive, to be resilient and to be a critical thinker. I was never OC and far from being assertive actually before I came to this industry so I give it a thumbs up that I am better person now with better discipline that I can also apply to my personal life.

The only thumbs down to that could be that I can spot a very minor glitch in CG (computer graphics) when we watch a sci fi or graphics heavy movie or an imperfection like a misplaced stand of hair so I'm criticizing work outputs even outside work, eeek. In general though, my career has transformed me in a good way.

I don't know how long I will stay, if I make it to the 15 years service awardee. I am also looking forward to life after being in the work force and I want (and hope) to be ready for that. I am carefully planning and prepping for the day when I say I'm ready for the next phase. How OC right? :)

Anyhoot, here are snaps of our shoot. Feeling showbiz lang :)

getting ready for the shoot. Ang concept, selfie shots and fave hobby. First to take a photo with my Ellemeno shoes on (a gift from a cousin in the States). 

More behind the scenes:
Dressing Room. I want something like this in my house someday, sarap mag make-up with all the lights.

Look up shot with my partner-in-crime/co-manager. Tingin sa No. 33 light panel :)

My fave hobby as you know :)

Have a fruitful and fun Thursday everyone!


ZaiZai said...

Ang cute ng picture mo :)10 years, wow! They're very lucky to have someone so talented and dedicated :)

I wish for a mirror like that too! Yung may lighs! Para masarap mag bihis bihis at mag emote emote :)

Have a great week ahead :)

Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks Zai! Bongga talaga ang mirror, dressing/makeup room kasi yan ng mga artista hehe :)

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