Monday, August 5, 2013

What's Growing Nicely In My Garden

I just realized I haven't posted my garden update for a verrryyy looong time. So here's sharing with you what's nicely growing now. 

Chili. I like saving the seeds of the vegetables we buy from the market, dry them up, plant them and cross my fingers they grow. Such is the case for my tomatoes and other veggie plants in the garden. At first, I didn't know my chili has grown already because the leaves practically look the same as my basil plant (they were planted on the same spot in my mini garden) but while I was harvesting some basil leaves for my pesto, I noticed they're actually chili leaves. 
I love dahon ng sili especially in my tinola though I'm not a big fan of the chili itself but I found a good use for it. See below. 

I read that chili when mixed with water can become an insecticide for plants. I recently planted calamansi in my garden but had to cut off the body because it has become a favorite of creepy crawling creatures. On one hand, it's good for the kids because they get to see a butterfly cycle up close and personal and they get to be visited by grasshoppers.
On the other hand, it gives me a headache because these creatures eat the leaves and my calamansi plant won't grow well. My calamansi plant is growing again and looking better this time and now I have an organice insecticide right in the same garden :)

Pandan leaves which I use for my pandan chicken, as stuffing for my roasted chicken and as pandan juice. So many uses right ? 

Another thing that I love is how this santan plant gives me blooms all year round. The butterflies visit these now instead. 

These flowers serve as my indoor blooms when I don't have time to buy flowers in the market. The best things in life are really free hehe :)

And what to do with overgrown basil plants? Pick the leaves, clean 'em good, dump them in a blender with nuts, garlic, EVOO, salt and pepper and grind away. You got yourself healthy and yummy pesto!

You can mix the pesto sauce with cream cheese and you have an herbed spread or use it in your pasta as I did. 

Happy Monday everyone! :)


cheekeegirl said...

Wow Jana you have a love for gardening? Recently we have harvested from our small backyard at home some vegetables. I love what we reap. I'm happy seeing your bounties too!!

Janaki Garcia said...

Isn't it rewarding to harvest your own crops? I'm trying to be a good gardener, to make sure we eat organic stuff but it's an effort din ha. I can't wait to see your harvest as well :)

Swathi Iyer said...

You have great garden. I wish I could get pandan leaves fresh one. By the way pasta looks really yumm.

Janaki Garcia said...

Pandan leaves grow well here in our country. We can swap, my pandan leaves to your cardamom bec we don't have that here :)


Now that is new to me....pandan chicken. I must google this.

Janaki Garcia said...

Pandan and lemongrass is a great stuffing for roasted chicken, gives a wonderful aroma and flavor to your dish :)

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