Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gadget-Savvy Kids

Guys, I introduce you to the two IT pros at home. Beware of these kids, they have this uncanny ability to decode your cellphone’s pattern lock, know the laptop’s password, fill your tablet with downloaded kids games and apps.

Husby recently bought a new phone. One time I borrowed his phone to check the features (we like to 'bash' each other's cellphone features for fun) but it's locked. I was about to ask husby the code when the little boy intercepted, 'Mommy, ako na (I'll do it).' He got Daddy's cellphone and swiped away. I was like, how'd you know that? When he saw my face he just went, ' Oh, 'di ba? I know that eh' Ikaw na anak ang expert. 

We leave our cellphone on the coffee table and before you know it, soemone's already playing Barbie dress up or Angry Birds. I didn't even downloaded those games. I sometimes wonder where all those smurfberries I so paintstakingly saved went and thought one tricky girl got into the game and went Smurf stuff shopping! Waahhh!

Either I'm feeding and entertaining a virtual pet named Pou or helping the little girl do a facial on a virtual customer. Where did that undescribable brown creature or that party girl came from anyway? I know, though, if I uninstall these games hearts will be broken so I feed or entertain or prick or dress up away.

So if you are ever near these kids, be wary unless of course, you want to get someone to download games and apps for you. That is, if you love dress up games, fairy land apps and fighting turtles.

But at the end of the day, I worry not. We make sure they use the internet only when we're around so their internet use is always supervised. As for the TV, we lock the channels that we don't want them to watch when we're not around.
They still do more of crafty activities and I think they enjoy getting their handy dirty with craft works and baking more.
Recently too, we rediscovered my The Flying House DVDs and the little girl love to watch them. Remember the cartoon series that retells Bible stories? Totally classic and timeless :)

Nowadays, you can't keep the kids from getting into gadgets. They see it in adults and they also need to be abreast with technology because it's inevitable. During a PTA meet with Sophie's teacher when she was in K2, we discussed how IT books should be updated as technology is constantly upgrading. Some of the lessons are already obsolete.

Nevertheless, it is also important that parents and adult guardians supervise the kids when they use the computer or watch TV to ensure they are exposed to kid-friendly activities and shows.


xoxoMrsMartinez | said...

My question is how do you lock the channels?


Janaki Garcia said...

We set the password to lock the channels from the box that comes with our cable subscription (Cignal).

ZaiZai said...

Such young and cute IT pros! Funny how I didn't know how to use a PC until I was in college haha :)

Galing ng kiddos ngayon :)

Janaki Garcia said...

Haha! Ako rin, dati sa school kasi sharing pa ang computers. Ngayon, 1 computer per student na at ang daming gadgets all around :0

mahasiswa teladan said...

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Janaki Garcia said...

Thanks for the visit too :)

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