Thursday, August 8, 2013

Game Face On!

Two weeks ago we officially weighed in for the weight loss competition at work.

Okay, so maybe I don’t really need to lose that much weight to qualify in the competition. Actually, I'm still within my weight limit but bordering overweight. I want to go back to a healthier weight. Some were already protesting and want to oust me from the game hehe. But, hey, I want to attain my ideal minimum weight that’s why I joined. Not really for the price money (which is quite huge by the way) but really to help me achieve my goal. Losing weight with friends is more fun :)

From the time we weighed in, I already lost 4 lbs. Yay! That's 2 lbs. a week, a healthy and safe mark according to studies.

Everyone is so competitive ha, each has his/her own technique and diet to shed off the pounds. The weighing scale is about to walk out from over use!  The bashing and bickering never ends that's why it's really fun and challenging. Can I just say that those who are younger (in their early 20's) have more advantage, they lose weight faster! But this 30 something momma ain't gonna give up just yet.

Since the start of the game, I have befriended My Fitness Pal app and religiously input my meals for each day and eat within my recommended calorie allotment. I also want to keep on running but the weather is not helping so it's time to turn to Wii games now.

Fresh Summer Roll, a yummy healthy treat from Kitaro. Only 168 calories.
If you are also on the road to getting fit, here are some tips to lose the dreaded extra pounds:
1. eat more vegetables and fruits - instead of munching on muffin or sweets in between meals, munch on carrot sticks, boiled kamote, almonds or banana.
2. portion control - don't deprive yourself of eating those delectable dishes, just make sure you control how much of it you eat. Anything too much is not good anyway, right?
3. drink plenty of water - one thing good about the app I downloaded is that you can also input the amount of water you take each day
4. half rice please - again, another example of portion control. Those of us who cut down on rice have lost more pounds than others.
5. discipline - no one else can help you but yourself. friends and family will help you motivate and give you a hand to hold when you are on the verge of ordering a double cheeseburger with large fries but the final decision is in you. If you want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, have the discipline and drive to do so.
6. discover the exercise for you - be it running, biking or swimming. Find the workout that you enjoy most so it won't be a task to get up and go. I love running. It's my way of destressing, of finding me time or just free my mind for an hour or so.
6. cheat days - treat yourself to a cheat day once a week. However, please note that cheat day means you can eat as you normally do and not really eat like there's no tomorrow. Also, do extra cardio workout like running or walking the following day to lose the cheat day calories :)

What's more fun with this game is that although we are competing against each other, we also share diet tips and techniques. So it's a game and a support group at the same time. 


ZaiZai said...

Good luck and I hope you win in your friendly competition! Your tips are so helpful but only if I find the strength in me to put them in use hehe :)

Janaki Garcia said...

Ahaha! Effort talaga, ang sarap pa naman kumain sa weather ngayon. Thanks Zai :)

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