Monday, November 4, 2013

Because We are Made Equal

One the weekend, while buying my weekly supply of seafood from our 'suki' in the wet market, a little boy came to me and said something in a very faint voice. I had to ask him again what it was he said because I could hardly hear him and a bit surprised that he just popped out of nowhere.

The little boy repeated, 'Ate, pabukas (please open)' as he handed to me very shyly a small pouch of candy. He likes me to open his candy for him.

When the adults around heard this, they quickly reprimanded the child saying it's not proper to ask favor from a costumer. I was quick to interpfere and said it's okay. Before I opened the wrapper I asked the adults 'Is it okay for him to eat candy?' (I usually do not let my kids eat candy that early in the morning). They said yes and I proceeded with helping the boy. He gave me a sheepish smile and ran to his mom who was the one cleaning the fishes I bought.

The adults were still giving the kid a piece of their mind so I repeated 'Okay lang talaga.' Then Aling Lina the stall owner said, 'Yung iba po kasi suplada talaga (Some costumers are really haughty and snob). They don't like to be approached like that.'

I kept quiet but deep inside me I was bothered.

Does a kid deserve a harsh treatment from another individual, even a stranger? They're only children. By any means, these haughty people poop gold or diamond in the morning? Unfair di ba? The kid was just being sweet and pa-cute, anyway :)

In yesterday's mass, the officiating priest said something about All Soul's Day and the Pinoys' tradition of visiting their dearly departed. He said something like why be proud, greedy and selfish when we all end up RIP naman? Good point Father.

It's just about 50 days before Christmas. Spread the love! :)

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