Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Let's Bake Easy

Are you in a baking rut but kids are nudging you to make cookies or cakes? Do you feel intimated by baking ingredients and jargons you read in those cook books but wanted so much to make your own brownies or cupcakes?

Why not take it one step at a time. These tips and easy-to-find mixes will help you through your baking experience. This is how I started as well when I tried baking for the first time and it's what I recommend to friends who are first-time bakers and wants to create their own confections. 

Pancake mix
We make the traditional pancake with this mix. 

If you want a muffin, you can add sweet corn (canned in water) or cheese in your pancake batter (see package instructions for the batter). Line the cupcake pan with liners and fill cupcake liners with batter, pop in the over (oven toaster will do) and ta-da! You got corn or cheese muffins for the family. 

For the muffin, I used softened butter instead of oil.

More tip: when filling the cupcake liner with batter, make sure to fill only ¾ of the cup. The batter will rise a few minutes after you popped the muffin in the oven and the ¼ allowance from the rim is meant for this.
Everything is store-bought, canned corn, cheese, pancake mix. We love Maya or Queens brands. 

Sharon’s Choco Crinkles.
Easy to follow steps, you just need to have confectioner sugar available as this does not come with the box. 

We used an oven toaster for this recipe and the first one. Aside from baking based on instructions on the box, make sure to check and turn your goodies every now and then so they bake evenly on all sides. I do this even if I use my conventional oven. 

My happy bakers

And just like that, the kids prepared the table for our choco crinkle party!

Maya Fudge Brownie Mix

I have said it before, we're a big Maya products fan. This store-bought mix is my quick go-to when the kids have this urge to bake. Last weekend, we baked again and tweaked the ingredients a little because the little girl saw this recipe while watching Food Network (she said she wants to be a chef when she grows up) :) Instead of adding ½ cup butter, we put in ¼ c. butter and ¼ cup mayo. Once chocolate mixture is well blended, we folded in mallows and chopped cherries and it turned out gooey than fudgy. Just the way we likey J

 Any easy baking tip you want to share? Have a wacky Wednesday :)

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