Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013: School Parties and More

Finally, Halloween is over. Whew! I swear trick or treating has become as 'career' as Christmas. But I guess 'careering' depends on how stage supportive mom you can be hehe.

And being the supportive mom, I attended the kids' Halloween parties in their respective schools a few weeks ago. Who would've thought, my K1 and my 1st grader celebrated Halloween. As I posted on my FB status: 2 kids, 2 different schools, 1 mom. Lagarista lang ang peg! I felt like a ping pong ball running from one school to the other. I think I lost thousands of calories that day.

It was all worth it, though. For one, my little octopus won the 'ultimate' award Mr. Animal Planet. Yip yip hooray! We actually changed him in a more comfy outfit here because he wasn't called in the best in costume category. Yun pala he got the special award :) When the teachers were congratulating us, I somehow sensed they knew I actually sewed the costume. I think yaya spilled the beans.

Then my pretty little witch enjoyed games and prizes from the game booth setup in school. Although 1st graders had to be accompanied by adults for the rides and games I thought then 'these are activities are for big kids na. My little girl is not so young anymore' *sigh*
One of her classmates came with us for the games and rides as she was without a parent/guardian. Kawawa naman to be left alone in the classroom so I brought her along for the games. You should see how the little girl's face lit up and I imagined Sophia if I didn't attend this activity. I missed some of her school activities this year but I promised to make up.

Can you see how tall she is now? She is old enough to know what's real and knows how to interpret matters with maturity beyond her years.

my two halloween-ers. Sulit na sulit ang costumes na 'to. They wore it to two more parties. 

Back at home, we did some quick but crafty decors for the trick or treat party. The kids helped, of course.

More candies. Uh-oh.

And look who visited us at work naman for their share of the fun (and candies)?

The Queen of hearts (career di ba?)

with her soldier cards (sabi na career eh) and other characters thats scared the kids who came to the party haha!

Hope you had a fun and safe holiday everyone! Happy Monday :)

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