Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costumes: Plan B

Okay, we are having a slight change of plans with the little tots’ Halloween costume. We have a strong feeling that maybe, no, probably the little boy will not wear the Spiderman costume after all. Hmmp! After all the hassle of meeting up with the seller! Buti na lang mura lang.
So the project manager mom thought of plan B as soon as I realized that he will never put even his finger into the spidey costume. Plan B is the Thomas costume he’s been googling over in the Toy Kingdom magazine.

I knew it will require more work than just meeting the seller ang paying for it. It will have to be done from scratch since 1) it’s too expensive to buy one or 2) the one that’s available doesn’t even look like Thomas. The little boy, at 2 yrs old, knows the Thomas and Friends trains by heart (well, those who are famous) down to their coaches. Yeah, he’s that addicted. Most days, he's a train. Pretending that his index finger is an engine wiper and  always making the choo!choo! sound while running around his pretend train tracks :)

Back to the costume, so here’s our Thomas costume done over the weekend. And yeah, Sam already wants to put it on even halfway through the production.

Two empty boxes taped together to form the frame. The box with the bottom intact is where all the treats will go :)
the little boy mixing his acrylic paint
Buti na lang praktisado si Ate Sophie sa painting

my handy helpers, more than willing to assist
After doing all the detailed work on the face and body (like half the day!), I now present our Thomas  train costume. Thank you to all the Thomas trains in the house, I have so many pegs on what it should look like. All it needs are the wheels, whistle and straps and it's ready to go!

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