Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Mommy Moments talks about Mommy's Fave Products. I have a few to mention and these products I have been before I even became a mom:

1. Maya baking products - flour, cornstarch, brownie mix, cake mix, pancake mix. Name it, Maya got it. I'm a cooking addict and have been learning dishes since I was 10 yrs. old (i'm glad both my kids are interested in cooking at their age now) so these products I have tried and tested for years. It just never fail me.

2. Dove and Ivory - these are the only products I use on my kids. I don't use the other children's product because it has Paraben and other chemicals that are harsh to kids. My little boy had several skin allergy attacks when he was a baby so his pediatrician advised to switch to gentler soaps like Dove. Good thing, he outgrew the allergy when he turned one. I never switched to any soap product after that.

3. Human Nature products - this is the end all of all products! It's organic, safe and has a wide range in their selection. Definitely no paraben, phthalates, PEGs in there. I currently use them for my kids (shampoo, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, etc.) My husband is addicted to the smell of citrus burst Hand Sanitizer. Go organic! :)

4. Vinegar and baking soda- these are miracle makers and natural at that! They clean the stains in your kitchen, bathroom, walls, etc. etc.  Baking soda is a perfect odor deodorizer .

As you can see, I try to go with natural as much as I can. A friend asked me once I hope I was able to share some tips to all the moms out there :)

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Mai @ MaiThreeBoyz said...

I love Human Nature products. My kids love the Watermelon and Banana Body Wash we won from Levy's contest.

Incidentally, sis, my mother just told me this morning to buy vinegar to remove stains from my hubby's white clothes.Been hearing a lot about vinegar and baking soda but never really tried using them. maybe it's time i do.

thanks for sharing, sis. this is very informative!

Tetcha said...

I've been hearing about Human Nature products, and I would love to try those, too. I hope they're available in the malls. Thanks for visiting my MM entry!

Rcel said...

I love Dove and Ivory soaps, too! :) And hooray on the last one! Yep, I am dependent on vinegar and baking soda, as well. Thanks for your share, although I am not familiar with the other brands mentioned. :(

I am back at MM bloghopping! Sorry for my absence in the past couple of weeks. I think I can say I'm all settled now in our new place! :) Sharing my PERSONAL LOVED ITEMS, too!

Chris said...

Dove products are my personal care products as well! :D

march on... said...

@maithreeboyz - although they say not too mix vinegar with any acidic formula, I once combined vinegar with Zonrox and calamansi (one at a time and just a couple of drops) to get off years old rust stain from my bro's white polo. He's got nothing else to wear so I had no choice. It made the white shirt like brand new. Just make sure you are not standing close to the mixture and don't let it touch your skin, you can use a thong to wash it.

@ tetcha - yup, it's available now in the mall (trinoma and sm). I even saw some products in Rustan's supermarket. I glad it's more available now.

@rcel and chris - thanks for the visit and welcome back rcel :)

Icar said...

we share the same thing about HUman Nature Products, I have sensitive skin and I think my daughter also has but when I started using HN prodcuts in 2009 the allergies disappeared...

Visiting for MM!more power!

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