Friday, October 14, 2011

Weird/Funny Food Names

For GT topic of food, I have two weird names to share. One is Laswa (pronounced as Las-wah, may lambot sa dulo wahh). Yeah, it's weird right? It's actually an Ilonggo dish that's like a stew of vegetable like alokbati, talong, okra (the slimier the better) and kalabasa. Instead of salt, we put danggit or bagoong (shrimp paste) to season the dish. I'm personally not fond of this dish growing up but my mom says it's nutritious so we have to eat up :(
Another weird name that we concocted at home is Palag, short for Palagpat which means tsamba or pure luck. When we cook something at home that's has no name and created from experimenting on recipes, it's initially titled Palag. We invent the name probably the second time na because cooking it the second time means it was a hit the first time so it deserves to have a name already :)

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Tetcha said...

Laswa, what a funny food name, but I love that vegetable stew. I can eat that with lots of rice. LOL!

peachkins said...

ay! ang Las-wah!..LOL!

kidding aside, it looks delicious!

peachkins said...

sorry sis, here's my link

anney said...

Kami namn ang tawag namin e "patsam" sa mga nilutong experiment na masarap.

JhAnEy said...

I think laswa is the visayan version of the ilocano dish which is pinakbet. Both of them are delicious.

kim said...

LASWAH... weird indeed, lol!

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Dishonest Applicant?

big hug!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Hello Janaki

Thank you for leaving me a note on my blog about my MIL.


Beauty Queen Gene said...

i agree with jhaney. pinakbet would be the closest tagalog version. that looks yummy, btw!

we append "a la chamba" on dishes we experiment on. wala lang. kunyari susyal. wahahaha!

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