Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and kids (and adults) will be partying left and right. For this year, I convinced Sophie to be go as a flapper girl. She originally wanted to be Belle but that would mean buying her the gown which is kinda pricey for the frugal mom. I showed her a photo of a flapper girl with the net stockings and red lipstick and she immediately bought the idea. She forgot all about the princess costume :)

Did a little canvass of what I need to buy for her costume and it will be silver or beige tassle/fringe (P29 per yard, i'll need around 21/2 yrds.), feather (P49 per piece) and stockings. I could add elbow gloves for more drama. I'll just sew the fringe on her old sequined dress and bring out her heirloom pearl necklace from her great grandma. Voila, a costume fit for a kikay :)
My little boy Sam is going out as Spiderman. Found a cute Spidey costume in for a really cool price and it will be delivered tomorrow.
Child Spectacular Spiderman Costume
I'm so excited for Halloween! We're already starting out on the house decor since Sophie's classmates will be visiting for the trick or treat. Meanwhile, I'm also thinking of a cool costume for mwah. What do you think of Lichtenstein Lady? Cool right? Just requires a lot of make up :)

See last year's Halloween experience here :)

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