Monday, June 27, 2011

GT - Class Picture

 This is my class picture in grade 3 (St. Mary's Academy, Pasay City). I'm that shy little girl on top right, beside the boy with the glasses. My batch in grade school has been in constant communication since our first reunion in 2005. The whole batch that means 7-8 sections (or whoever is available) get together for basketball or badminton game, videoke night, coffee or, our favorite of all especially the boys, bonding nights over SMB! It's nice that almost everyone make the effort to continue to communication. Some created an FB account and a Yahoogroup so everyone's updated even in emails.
One thought on reunions, it's amazing and amusing to see how faces and characters change over time especially seeing them again after 10-15years of no nothing. The bullys and matons are now the sweetest and funniest guys (although still naughty) while the girls have become moms, entrepreneur, educators, etc. We are all grown up but still go back to talking about the good 'ol days when we get together :)

first grand reunion with our wonderful teachers
one of those SMB nights at Grilla :)
bonding over coffee in Greenbelt 

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Beauty Queen Gene said...

it's sooo nice to bond with people who you consider as friends growing up. catching up and laughing about memories is always a wonderful experience :)

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