Friday, June 17, 2011

Mommy Moments : Daddy Dear

Stephen is a proud dad to his two witty and jovial kiddos. He loves to shower them with kisses and give them bear hugs until they say stop! :) He gets tampo sometimes when the kids cling to mommy all the time. He would complain to his kids, 'magulang ninyo rin naman ako ah? bakit puro mommy lang?' :) 

This man is a funny man so I believe my kids got their humor and kakulitan from him.

The daddy-yo. He's a rockista. He loves listening to his fave band cds at home so Sophie and Sam got introduced to blues and rock at an early age. I try to balance their musical exposure with classical music and children's music. Sophie now is inclined to learn guitar so she can play like his dad.

The travelin' dad. He always tells me that he wants his children to grow up exposed to different places here and abroad. He wanted the kids to learn, be enriched and enjoy family bonding through travel. We try to do that now and I can see how much Sophie appreciates her experiences from the places we've been.

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Tintin.Tetay said...

Returning the visit.

Advance happy Father's Day to your husband. :)

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!oo nga naman lol!Your kids are so blessed to have a Dad who loves spending most of his time with his children.

HAppy Father's Day to your husband!Happy MM!

dick-vince-dorry said...

Happy Father's Day

visiting for MM
mine is up

Pinx said...

wow! super bonding moments with dad! visiting from MM! hope you can drop by mine too!

jellybelly said...

Great photos of Daddy and the kids! I especially love your little girl's pose in the third pic :)

Visiting from Mommy Moments!

anne said...

Your husband is a great Dad ever, I can see how kulit he is in the picture, thanks for visiting. Do you mind to visit me here, too? Thanks My Daily Mumbles

Tetcha said...

Your kids have a wonderful Dad! You are all so lucky to have him! Belated Happy Father's Day to your husband! Here's my MM entry:

Followed you! Hope you can follow my blog, too! Thanks!

Bette said...

cute pics ...
children really get their habits from their dads

here's my daddy moment

Olga said...

Love the second pic!!! Father-and-son lookalike indeed. LOL!

Hope you can take a peek at my MM entry.

kimmy said...

oh! so sweet.. love the last picture. it is something you put in your wallet and look at every once in a while, lol!

care to visit MY ENTRY?

Chris said...

what a great post about daddy! :) make sure he reads this... :) happy mommy moments!

march on... said...

Thanks everyone for the visit.

@Chris - yep, he read it already. super palakpak tenga hehe :)

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