Thursday, June 30, 2011

GT - Most Memorable HS Moment

Most memorable high school moment? Nothing else comes to mind but that of my first exposure to the arts. 

I went to an all girls school, experienced all sorts of characters, even got courted by female classmates (which I found really weird) and cut class for the first and last time in my life. In high school I also got to know so many friends which still are my dearest friend to this date.

But nothing beats doing my first theater play in high school. It was my first exposure to the stage; experienced for the first time how much exhilarating, nerve wracking and fulfilling theater arts was. It was also very tiring since we had to do 3-4 plays a day for several days. Nakakapagod talaga ang showbiz! hehe. From that experience, I knew what I wanted to take up in college, the Arts. Buti na lang kasi I might've ended up as a bad medical practitioner,hehe. Thankfully, I ended up in a course (and career) that I love up to this moment. 


lyzacruz88 said...

It's so nice to look back at old high school memories :)

Shawie Girl said...

thanks a lot for sharing! happy gt!

genny said...

lovely memorable moments. have that tried also, and it was really fun even nervous.:-)

simply kim said...

hahaha! now you remind me of how i felt like when i joined a play in high school for the first time. i nearly jumped off the stage, i just couldn't stand the tension, lol!

MY ENTRY is here!

Beauty Queen Gene said...

that's good to know! at least you knew what your heart loves early in high school and pursued it in college. unlike me. i didn't know what i wanted in life up to graduation from college. LOL.

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