Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Swear By: Etude House Massage Peeling Mask

This product is so surprisingly good. I used to go to the derma for my regular facial and cleaning. I have a combination skin type and my T zone is really oily so I need deep cleaning by the experts. So imagine my amazement when I tried this Massage Peeling Mask one night.
Okay, so I’m not one of those who show their before and after for tutorials in their blogs. Heck, I don’t think I can pull that off (I need training) but I swear this product really works. The off-white cream has a sandy texture to it but not totally rough on the face. You have to gently massage the cream on your face; in less than 3 minutes the cream will eventually turn into chunky, clay-like texture. By the color of the cream after the massage, I know how much dirt it has sloughed off from my face! haha :0
The effect? a soft, smooth skin. It’s an exfoliant that’s easy to use and no sting at all. An effective facial right inside your bedroom. 
The massage cream I got is from the MiniSize U pack and comes with an emulsion, toner, serum. Forget about the toner, it did not bring any help to my pores. I haven’t really found my toner, yet. I have yet to try witchhazel from Healthy Options. The serum and emulsion and, of course, the peeling mask from MINISIZE U are worth recommending J
Minisize U Massage Peeling Pack

Active Ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Glycolic Acid

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