Monday, June 27, 2011

The Importance of One Letter

Sophie and Sam were doing pretend play yesterday while Mommy was busy finishing a puzzle. The two kids pretended to be on a boat, trying to steer clear of worms (why worms? heck, I don't know). They used our folding mattresses as boats and pretended that the small toys and puzzle pieces were worms.

Sophie: Mommy, Sam dali umakyat na kayo sa boat andyan na ang mag uod! Come on, let's go! Yuck worms! Ayan ang mga uod!
Mommy: (...deadma. still busy with the Spongebob puzzle...)
Sam: Dali, adyan na Uo! Ate Tsopie, dali Uo!
Mommy: (stopped. Looked at Sam and laughed so hard! Sophie joined in the laughter :0)
The little boy was oblivious. He kept saying Uo! Haha :)

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