Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stage Mom on the Lose!

I have not been blogging lately. Busy-nezz as usual plus… I never thought how much work it is to put a kid to school. I guess one thing is that I am also excited of my little lady’s new milestone. 
I personally covered her books with plastic, arranged her things for school, her toiletries which I pre-ordered from a friend who sells organic products,etc. The school list of requirements said a box for the personal effects. I think a box (plastic or paper) is too bland so I instead placed my daughter’s personal stuff in a transparent bag with glittered pink and purple design. It’s the bag that used to house her clips and brushes, I recycled into her kikay kit for school. I also bought her a hot pink placemat instead of those cutesy, kiddy-designed placemats. She loves all her new pink stuff, so kikay! J I will always be a stage mom, I think! M.A.J.O.R. J
The yayas offer of help was not heeded, I want Sophie’s new school experience to have mommy’s personal touch. I may not be able to bring her to school everyday but I make sure I can provide for all other things na kaya ng busy-working-mom power ko. Tama!
Siyempre pa, mommy and daddy were there on Sophie's first day of school. We're glad to take that day off from work to bring our little girl to school, we saw how happy and proud she was to go to school with mom and dad :)


Toe said...

So cute! :) And organic pa toiletries ni Sophie ha.

march on... said...

Thanks Toe! Oo, mura na ang organic products dito sa Manila kasi marami nang brands :)

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