Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Date with the Kids

 The Smurfs is officially Sophie and Sam's first movie on the big screen! Both kids had a blast! I think it was also because of the popcorn, the choco sticks and drinks they devoured :) Sophie kept telling me, 'You're right mom, this is not scary. The chair is not moving.' I think she had a bit of trauma from EK's Realto and 4D theaters where the seats move and there's splash of water every now and then (yikes).
The little boy naman is really reacting to the scenes. He would say, 'Oh no', 'wow!' or would laugh to really funny antics. He also counted the heads of the people below us, hehe. Although when the lights went off (as the movie was about to start) he called out to me, he enjoyed the rest of the movie naman as I held his hand or his back to ensure him that I'm still there beside him. Of course Mom and Dad enjoyed the movie as well, we love Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother. But we kept looking in the direction of the kids, their   faces were enough to entertain us. Really priceless :)
We also treated the yayas to the movies. Did you know that it was the first time for one of my yaya to enter a movie house? I think this movie is memorable for her too.

Pictures after the movie, during credits. See how affected the little boy is? The little girl enjoys her Cheez Curls, it's a rare moment for her to eat junk food :)

 And... the family that go to the movie together, take a picture together sa loob ng sinehan.

On our way out. The girl in pink probably thinks, 'weird mo...'

After the movie, we went a little shopping for the kids and did the grocery. We were famished from all the activity so we decided to have dinner in the mall. I saw this restaurant that's not common in other malls so we tried it. The slogan  Home of Pugon Roasted Asado beckoned.

We ordered the drunken lechon macau, P257.00. This is really good, the title reminds me of old Jackie Chan movies that my dad and I love to watch. The drunkenness (from the wine) of the pork gives it a different taste than other lechon macau. It comes with a sweet and spicy sauce. 

This is what we came for, the Pugon (oven brick) Roasted Asado P267. I love asado and Lido's version is really addicting. You just can't stop. 

Don't forget your veggies! Broccoli with garlic sauce, perfect with steamed rice. 

The little girl gave Lido a thumbs up!

 SM Fairview
Upper Ground Floor, Annex 1,
SM Fairview, Quezon City
Telephone: 3555436
They also have branches in E. Rodriguez and West Avenue. 


Cha said...

how old is your little boy? my andi is yet to watch her first movie in the cinema but i'm not sure if she's read. but your post made me think that, yeah, maybe we can do this soon too. :)

march on... said...

Hi cha - Sam is 2 yrs and 5mths. It was really a risk to bring him to the movies. However, last weeks I noticed during TV time at home he would sit through Mickey Mouse clubhouse or his Thomas dvd until the end so Im thinking he could be ready :0 Observe your little Andi how long she can sit through a show. Also, your choice of movie has to be really something for the kids :)

Spanish Pinay said...

Your kids are cutteee! I'm glad you guys enjoyed watching movie together!

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

Thanks Spanish Pinay :0

anney said...

My nieces also enjoyed watching smurfs!

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