Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shoe Hoarding At Megatrade Hall

It was raining shoes and bags last weekend in Megatrade Hall, Megamall and we were there to take advantage of the great sale! All (including the helpers) went home with more than a pair each. Such a happy feeling to be in shoe and bag heaven for hours! We actually missed lunch :)
I finally bought wide New Balance all condition shoes. The one I've been eyeing for months. Original price is P2,800, got it for 50% off. Bought also a pair of flats from So Fab! since I have very few flat shoes. I didn't hoard much shoes because I remembered I just bought 2 pairs of Melissa shoes (I never thought I have that much will power not to buy, though, hehe).

Sophie got 3 pairs. Yeah, she went home with the most pairs. So kikay, right? Not in photo is her new sneakers ala Converse.

The little boy proudly shows off his new shoes. The brown shoes is only P150 while the Hot Wheels rubber shoes is P399 :) 

Stephen got his coveted Puma shoes and GBX driving shoes, each was 50% off. He got lucky this time because he usually can't find his size. 

Plus, we got free movie tickets since we availed of the installment plan using our credit card. We got two tickets. Yay! :) 


Spanish Pinay said...

nakakalaway naman yang sale na yan! :)

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

Hi Spanish Pinay - oo nga, sobrang pigil nga ako. I wanted to buy bags pa sana budget have to be conscious of budget :)

Des said...

Hi! Wow! Envy much! I missed this! :)

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