Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Because Family's Health is Important

wo weeks ago, my husband, daughter and son were down with illnesses and it's the time of the year when the ER is an IT place for us. Sophie and Sam got respiratory infection that's seem to be a craze now and Stephen had fever for days and a peptic acid attack (his first time). Good thing all is well now with my three dearies after going into medication and follow up check ups.
This is also the time that I'm thankful for the HMO (health maintenance organization) that my husband and I have as part of our companies' benefits. In our company alone, an employee and up to four dependents are covered by the HMO for free while the company provides medicine allowance for each dependent. 
Just hearing the stories of parents who shelled out money for check ups, medicine and laboratories made me cringe. At these times, I believe the HMO is one of the most important coverage that we need to secure for our family especially for our kids. It helps to think that when they get sick, we can bring them to the doctor as immediately as possible. 

There is an option for those who think HMOs are too pricey for their budget. One can always apply for a Philhealth membership. One good thing about Philhealth is that they now have this card for their members (gone are the days of that cartolina paper card, I just wish the new card has member photo). 
I applied for a card and for all my dependents. That's just P80 for a new card for an existing member and P10 for a card for each dependent. If you are a new member, I think the card costs P100. 
Philhealth came to visit our company and gave a chance for employees to apply for the new cards and update their MDRs (membership data record). Updating MDR would mean updating the info like address (if you've moved to a different place, dependents, status, etc. For my case, I included my two kids as dependents so I filled up a PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form) and provided photo copy of their birth certificates and submitted to Philhealth personnel for processing. The agency will just mail you the copy of updated MDR and cards for the dependents. My card I already got just after a couple of hours after applying :)

I say kudos! to our current government for coming up with this project and doing something to improve our government agencies. It's high time :)

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