Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Project

For months now, I have been finding ways to lose weight. Yep, it's that perennial issue of weight that almost all of  us deal with one way or another. Darn those lucky few who eat like a horse and never gain a pound (so inggit!)

I am trying my best not to succumb to diet pills or drinks, subukan na ng will power ito. For me, it's all about eating right and exercise. My goal: to come to that point when I can throw away my body shaper and bring out those triangle tops again by summer. Yeah! Do I sound super confident?

Not really.

Thus, this blog now ; so that I can chronicle my improvements (if any). They say one effective way to push you into achieving a goal is to let others know about it. So there, I'm letting the blog world know about this goal so you can help me push myself more. Sorry, damay kayo :)

I've started off with weekly aerobics and by cutting down on dinner. No rice at night, if possible (but the weather is so conjusive to over eating, aarrrghh!). Also, cut down on sweetened juices, coffee, chocolates and cola. So far, I have lost a few pounds but most importantly I feel that, through exercise, I lost some of those bulges in places there shouldn't be :0 Another nice thing about exercise is that it makes you stronger and more energetic. That's super plus especially for a working mom like me who needs the energy of a thousand men to get through the day.

I have several more pounds to lose and a thousand more crunches to do to I get to my goal but I'm doing it slowly but surely this time. Hope to get there :)

me, some (many) years back 


*MrsMartinez* said...

How sexy!
Those were the days lol


march on... said...

oo nga, those were the days...

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