Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hallooween Tricks and Treats

This year was our very first Halloween party and we're excited!
October 29, Friday, as soon as I got home from work I prepared the desserts which were my share for the potluck Hallooween Party at our clubhouse. I made the mini muffins using Maya Brownie Mix. I always love Maya products because it tastes so good and not too complicated to make. Plus, we don't have an oven (yet) and our good old oven toaster can only make simple desserts. Even Sophie can bake a cake with a Maya mix :)
our brownie mix on muffin cups waiting for their turn to the oven
Because these are mini muffins, it's quite difficult to scoop the mix into the muffin cups so I made a pastry bag out of a sandwhich bag, cut the tip and swirled brownie mix into the muffin cup. It's easier that way plus less mess :)
Fresh out off the oven

That's one downside of toaster baking, they can get overly done so I have to scrape off or slice off the top. Good thing, I have to do that anyway to level the muffin top for the decor. 
I decorated half the batch of muffins with Goya melted baking chocolates and marshmallows. The eyes and mouth of the monster mallows are strawberry jam from Baguio. The other batch I covered with boiled icing and orange sugar. 

 Finished products ready for shipment to the clubhouse. They were an instant hit at the party!

Come Saturday, Sophie and Sam got prepped for the party. Sophie came as an ice princess. I wanted her to wear the cheong sam dress so Sam and her can go as a pair but she preferred her white little bride dress. I added the pink and silver belt from another gown and the wings which I bought for P50 at Toy Kingdom sale. 
Sophie's make up was a combination of silver and turquoise eyeshadow and frosted pink lipstick. I used my never been used Lancome makeup duo on her eyes and, guess what, she would never let go of it. As early as now she's my kaagaw with my kikay kit.
I painted her arm with this flower design I conceptualized on the fly 
Sam came as a chinese guy (which confused people because they also call him Korean boy). While Sophie loved being made up, I had a hard time putting even black lines on Sam's eyelids. 

Overall cost of these costumes: P50.00 (for the wings which was bought several months ago). Sophie's gown and belt was made by my mom for last year's wedding of a cousin. Sam's outfit was a pasalubong from China by my brother :0 

The day went well for us especially for Sophie and Sam who got so many goodies from trick or treating in the neighborhood. I was somehow worried with so much sweets but then again, I thought, this is a once-a-year thing :) 

Lastly, sharing our simple hallooween outdooor decor made out of scrap materials and candles. These did not ward of trick or treaters, however, because our grocery bag full of candies went almost empty! lol!


*MrsMartinez* said...

career-in ba ang halloween haha Ang cute talaga ng inaanak ko mana sa ninang niyang maganda!

NatureFootstep said...

I hope you did have a great time. :)

march on... said...

@che- yes, career! first kasi for them and I want to make it fun for them :)

@naturefootstep - oh yes I did. It was tiring, though hehe. Thanks

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