Thursday, November 17, 2011

GT: Style Icon

I love today's topic on GT because we're talking about Style Icons.
I have to say I have two style icons, Princess Diana and Sarah Jessica Parker. Princess D(+) is hands down the epitome of classic and classy style icon. She's such a beauty inside and out, with a style that's timeless. She can wear even the simplest wardrobe and still look royalty.
Princess Diana
SJP, on the other hand, is a class all her own. I love her for her fierce fashion sense, from hair to the shoes. She's never afraid to experiment, wear something anybody else wouldn't and carry it with flair and I totally envy her shoe collection! Her svelte body I guess makes it easy for her to dress in just about anything :)


More of the girls' style icon here:


miratemplen said...

Great choices! :) Diana was so simple yet so elegant. She really did look so royal.

SJP's fashion sense is edgy and unique, fabulous down to the tiniest accessories. I think she'd easily be everyone's favorite fashionista. :D

Here's mine:

Sarah A. said...

And I have to agree with you, Princess D and SJC is two of the great woman in fashion and style, they may have different kind of times/styles/fashion still we look up to them.

Here's mine:

Sarah A.

Inkless Memoir said...

i miss princess D. She's the Jackie O of london. I agree with you, she's classic and timeless.

Visiting from GT
here's mine:

Mirage said...

Two great fashion icons! svelte!

wifetoalineman02 said...

I like your two choices, great ladies in their own way. Thank you for sharing. Dropping some late love for Girl's Talk, hope that you can return the favor too.

Beauty Queen Gene said...

i see another SJP fan here. i also love princess d! i agree she looks good in anything she wore. i bet she looks good even in a sack ^_^

march on... said...

thanks! aren't these two ladies just fab?

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