Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My New Project Entry # 3

With the goal of improving my figure (believe me, it needs a lot of improvement) and at the same time be able dance again, I recently bought vouchers for a belly dancing class through Ensogo. I say, these discount vouchers are quite addicting. I got my facials and contact lens packs from these sites. We recently trooped to Zoobic Safari using my sister's Metrodeal vouchers. Frugal much? hehe.

Back to the topic (sorry, I got sidetracked). OMG! I never realized how difficult belly dancing was until last night! I think at one point during the class nanigas ang tiyan ko sa kakagiling. I felt my dancing skill was put to a test doing all those shimmy shimmy and figure of 8 hip twist. I used to be one of those 'dancers' in school up until college, being a part of the cheering squad or one of the production dancers. I love to dance but after last night, I started to question if I really know how to dance. Now I can say na hindi ka dancer kung hindi mo pa na-try mag-belly dancing (or siguro kinalawang na ko sa sobrang tagal na walang sayaw). Subukan ng galing sa paggiling ng tiyan at leeg ang belly dancing! That reminds me, I have to work on the neck movement, I totally suck at it. 

This morning I weighed myself and I'm 1 lb. less from my last weigh in. 1 lb in one month is not good but I'm not complaining given the 3 consecutive weekends of food trip and parties. I'll work more next time.

Definitely the holidays will be a challenge for all dieters out there with the sumptuous feasts and lovely treats of the season. Good luck to me!

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