Friday, November 18, 2011

Mama's 68th Birthday

My mom turned batang batang 68 years old last November 5. Two of her sisters flew in from Bacolod that week to process some papers and we found it the perfect opportunit to hold a small celebration for Mama's birthday. It's a very rare occasion now for our family to have a reunion since mostly are living abroad or in our hometown in Negros Occidental.

On a rainy Saturday, my family and relatives trooped to our house for a celebration of sorts. It was such a simple celebration but I'm glad to see my aunts and uncle together again after a while. That was also the first time for my kids to see their other lolo and lolas :0

Here are some details of the party:

Lemon cupcakes with frosting I made for the party, sitting on pink and yellow paper doilies from Gourdos
cute paper napkins I bought at Landmark. I wanted her to have a kikay party :)
The Cake, my mom's fave is the mango cake.
I think she had more than her doctor allows. On her 3rd slice I was already reminding her, "Ma, ang sugar level mo..." :)
The food

I made Puttanesca with garlic bread, sweet and saucy chicken and salad while my folks brought Crispy Pata, Pancit  Pata (di ba puro pata) and that yummy halabos na sugpo. So now you know why I only lost 1 pound the past weeks?

The sisters enjoying the outdoors while it's still sunny
When it rained, all they did was talk non stop indoors.
Mama with my dad, aunts and uncle

Happy birthday Mama! May you always blessed with good health and happiness.
Thank you for everything.We love you! :)

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*MrsMartinez* said...

When are you going to invite me over to your new house? ; )


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