Monday, May 2, 2011

Recipe Share : Spaghetti ala Puttanesca

Puttanesca (named after the Italian ladies of the night)

1 can anchovies (approx. 75 grams)
2 tbps. capers
2 tbps. green pitted olives
2 tbps. black pitted olives
1/4 c. sundried tomates
4 pcs. fresh tomatoes cut into quarters
optional : mushrooms, about 1/4 cup
salt and pepper to taste
300 grams spaghetti
4 cloves garlic. slivered
1 big scallion, sliced
parmesan cheese

How this is done:
1. saute garlic and scallions in olive oil. add in fresh tomatoes and cook for a minute.
2. its time to bring in the achivies, sundried tomatoes, capers and saute some more. Add the olives and mushroom.
3. give it a little taste before you put in the salt and pepper. you wont need much salt because the anchovies is salty enough. Finish off with additional EVOO. you can add in red pepper flakes for some heat.
4. add in the spaghetti and mix until pasta is well coated. serve with parmesan cheese

tip: if you can't find sundried tomatoes, you can put in salted tomatoes in a toaster or oven until it turns slightly brown at the edges. you can also let go of capers to make it more economical. i've done this out of mere forgetfulness and i tell you, there is the slighest difference in taste.

Best served with french bread with pesto sauce. You can buy this at Le Coeur d France for half off before closing time.


Sarah A. said...

This is soooo yummy!
Thanks for sharing

BY that I followed your blog :)

march on... said...

Thanks Sarah. Followed you back :0

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