Monday, November 21, 2011

Birthday Celebration at Zoobic Safari

November is really a birthday month for us. My mom, sister, brother, a few cousins and a lot of friends celebrate their birthday on this month. These people are who we call the Valentine babies because their parents got a little too much lovin' in February so after nine months, we got so many birthday celebrations! haha :)

It's my sister's time for her special day and she opted to spend it with us on a trip to Zoobic Safari. She bought her vouchers from Metrodeal several months ago, I told you, these discount vouchers are addicting. My sister got entrance tickets to the zoo for only half the price. The vouchers does not include the train ride,though, so we paid P50 per head before we got on the train. It was our second time to visit Zoobic but the kids were as excited as the first time. Here are some photos of our trip:
Sam can't get enough of the sheep
my nephew Keene feeding the birds
with the kids on a tram ride
watching the animal show from the top
After the zoo trip, it was time for lunch and we're off to Meat Plus. This place sits right across Freeport Exchange Shopping complex. It's a place that has a fast food setup but serves mouth watering steak. 

Sophie got her burger and fries, and my gravy  too
I found the burger a little dry but it was so packed and heavy that a person with an average appetite will have a hard time finishing one.
my sister and I got pork steak which I still dream about until now. 
Stephen and my nephew got their roast beef P320@.

The pork and beef are really delish, makes you want for more. The meat peels off from the bone so easily. Extra rice anyone? 
potato skin, salty goodness in every bite!
extra mashed potato

I can't remember how much each dish costs but our total bill was around P1,300. Not but because we ordered six main dishes and 2 sides. We decided to skip dessert as we were so full already.
After that late lunch, we did a little shopping at Freeport, Royal Subic and Duty Free.

It was an exhilarating day spent with my sister and her son. These two people hold a special place in our hearts. My kids call my sister Mama Joy and they love her to the hilt! As for me, she will always be my BFF :)
Happy birthday Sis! May you find more happiness in life. We love you!


Sarah A. said...

Aww, Happy birthday to all the celebrants!

Oh and this post makes me wanna go back to Zoobic Safari then after try Meat Plus.

Thanks for the post! :)

anney said...

Such a wonderful celebration! Happy bday to your sister! Sarap ng food!

kim said...

wow! that is one GRAND celebration..

march on... said...

@Sarah A., Anney, Kim -thanks :)

Paula said...

That is so true. Pag November talaga andaming may birthday!
Btw, I'm inviting you to join BC Bloggers. Check this out for more info:

march on... said...

@ Paula - thanks. will visit soon :)

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