Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My New Project: Entry # 4

Last night was session 2 of my belly dancing workout. Gladly, I was more confident with the moves and was able to somehow isolate the body parts that only needs to twirl, bump or shake. Again, I felt my abs stiffen for like three times during the session. Belly dancing is still on the level of HARD for me especially, I think, because it's a fitness/dance class. Nice experience, though. I felt totally worked out and love the last part when we get to do a choreograph for one song :)

For those who wants to try the class, visit ACTS Dance Academy website: to know about the classes they offer.
This academy has one small studio in GA Tower1 in Mandaluyong City. They offer curriculum-based dance classes so I guess that qualifies them to be an academy. What I like about this place is that it's just one MRT ride away from work (near Boni station) so I can be there in 20 minutes, just in time to do the shimmy shimmy. Don't have to drive myself to traffic. What I wish would improve is the restroom, it's okay but could be better. 


Michelle My Bell said...

WOW! I do triathlons, running, and even boxing- but I would LOVE and WANT to try BELLY DANCING!!!

Anonymous said...

Also they can track your heart rate through a build in heart rate monitor. The way the elliptical trainer is build and works, reduces the pressure on your knees during the core workout.

march on... said...

@ michelle My Bell - try it. you'll enjoy it :)

@ suzie thomas - thanks!

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