Monday, November 14, 2011

Progressive School : Dentist Visit

Sophie joined her school in their dentist visit last month. I'm a proud mom when my daughter showed me her dental record : Zero cavities! Yay! 

Honestly, it's a challenge to keep kids her age from sweets especially chocolates and candies so this report makes me super happy especially since she's turning 5 in a couple of months. Before I thought keeping tab on the date of their tooth eruption when they were babies was more difficult.
Loving chocolates and candies is part of childhood. I let my kids have them once in a while because I don't want to deprive them of those happy treats. We love baking cookies, cakes and other desserts so we are a sweet tooth family.
One thing important to keep their teeth healthy is to teach kids to take care of their pearlies and to love brushing them 3-4 times a day. My little boy enjoys brushing his teeth, too (with matching Barney song). He knows it's always part of the sponge bath routine and reminds his yaya about this.



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anney said...

Galing naman! Bihira sa bata ang buo lahat ng ngipin. Good job sa pagba brush ng ngipin!

march on... said...

thanks @Anney :)

march on... said...

@Start Smiling, thanks for the visit :)

Natasha Craig said...

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