Thursday, November 10, 2011

GT: Old School

For this week's GT, it's all about Old School. Here's what I can share, a photo of my sister and I taken after Sunday church. Check out my white and red boots! Just like Santa's little helper. LOL! My Mom loved dressing my sister and I in matching outfits and I remember we have a collection of kikay clothes :)
Good thing I have this in my computer so I can share with you. Brought this photo in the office for our show your toddler photo month :)

More cute GT photos here: 


Treasia said...

You and your sister both look adorable.

Shawie Girl said...

cutesy boots!! happy gt!!

Jona said...

Parang pang majorette ang boots :) You sure look kikay already in that age hehe :)
Thanks for the visit at My GT.
our family

kikayFERRY said...

yay ^_^ terno kung terno!! buti nalang fashionista din ang mother mo sis, in fairview! magandang combination ahh!!! red and white

Beauty Queen Gene said...

you are quite the fashionista even when you were younger! i can still see my daughter wearing those same set of clothes nowadays and she won't look out of place ^_^

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