Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Celebration 2011

Last December 23, our family drove to the City of Pines to spend Christmas. This is a yearly thing for my in-laws and it always excites us especially the kids. They're just that lakwatsero much :)

This year also, I decided to find something new to share from my Baguio trip. Last year it was the trip to Tam-Awan Village and the Ukay-ukay experience. This time, food trip naman.

Jack's Restaurant
This restaurant is located inside the same building as the Empire Cinema in Session road. There are other branches of Jacks along Baguio City but this one was the nearest we found from Burnham Park. It's very *uhm* old (literally) and has the carinderia ambience to it. So was the food... and that's a compliment.
Sabi nga nila, kung gusto mo ng mura at masarap, ask the taxi drivers for the best turo-turo and carinderia and they'll point you to the right direction. Well, hindi kami nagtanong sa taxi driver but it's one of those well recommended for affordable yet yummy dish. A meal will only cost you P80, with rice and stir fried veggies na. There's something about the chicken that will make you think of home and Max's. The taste is very uncomplicated and deep fried. Best of all, there's just so much veggies in each plate.
Jack's Rice with Veggies, P80
Seafood Fried Noodles, P140

My cousin-in-law ordered Tenderloin tips and the verdict was that it looks dry but it's not. Everyone was happy with their orders.
If you're along Session and want to try this place, you have to find the Empire Cinema sign. The resto is located on the second floor. 

 The inside of the building reminded me of the old cinemas in Pasay when I was young, with giant wooden wall decors. 

Cafe By the Ruins
Now this was a totally different experience. After the affordable lunch at Jack's, we decided to treat ourselves with coffee and desert. We actually went here the previous day but since it was Christmas day, the place was closed. Boohoo for me because I coaxed them to walk from SM Baguio to Shuntug Street (near City Hall) just for coffee and it was closed :( Anyway, on the 26th we went back and it's open. Yay!

This place was the ruins of a garden theatre which later became the house of then Benguet Gov. Whitmarsh. The place  is very cozy, has a chillax ambience. 

We ordered the drinks first, the Ruins blend coffee (P80) with cinnamon and tira tira sweetener. If you're a child of the 80's, you know tira tira very well. This coffee is nothing I've tasted before, it's a fiesta of different flavors in one sip.

Chocolate de Agua (P80), made of cocoa tablet and water. 

Leche Flan (P60), everything a flan should be
The Chocolate Lava Cake (P180), you have to taste this to know why it's famous. 
the chocolate oozed out of the cake. Yum!

This is another must have, the pan de sal with herbed cheese spread (P80), the richness of the cheese and freshness of the herbs are in perfect harmony. The cayenne pepper gives it a kick. 

My cousin in law saw assumption tart on the menu and immediately ordered it saying this start is a special recipe only sold in Assumption College. 

Cafe by the Ruins is all worth the long walk after all. Although parking is a challenge especially on peak days, I will definitely go back here. I'll try the main dishes next time.

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