Friday, December 16, 2011

GT - Where'd My Money Go?

This week, we've got a pretty interesting topic on GT. It's all about figuring out what happened to all the moolah we got this year.
In retrospect, I'm pretty sure we're they all went: the house, the car and my daughter's education.

Manu on his baptismal day (suddenly a car becomes like a member of the family)
this is pretty much where ALL the money went
 The whole year this year, my husband and I only have one theme song, 'Wake Us Up When September Comes' because that's when all the money will stop pouring out of our lives (aka end of loan payment). Nevertheless, all the sacrifice means also that this year, we got some of our major dreams pinned down :0 Next off, trip to Europe :)

We are actually very happy for all the blessings that came to our lives like the LCD TV that husband recently won in Christmas party raffle, the free phones we get for being loyal network subscribers and I get from work and other blessings we get other investments. If not for all these, we won't have anything new or any additional budget for this year.

Lastly, I recently spent on something big this month (as September already came to pass). It's an investment that's worth the money. I will share about it in another post.

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jared's mum said...

it is nice to see the fruits of your labor + where all the hard-earned money went...^_^

Joy Mendiola said...

Hi! Wow, detailed expenses you got here. I refused to think of all the gastos na, my expensive gastos for me-time na lang, I hope you can visit me din: THANKS!

Jona said...

You're done paying for your house, wow! I'm looking forward for that feeling. Congratulations!

simply kim said...

nice investment!

a visit from kimmy!

Icar said...

congratulations sis on finishing off all your debts this year and good luck on that planned European tour, surely you'll be able to do it!

my first time in GT and here's my entry

zoan said...

wow, house and lot and car:)sana next year, ako din....

march on... said...

@ jared's mum - thanks! sometime when things get tough, we just look at how much convenience having the car brings esp. this holiday season and it's all okay.

@ joy Mendiola - time is a very expensive commodity :)

@ jona - not really super done but I would say that the worst is over :)

@simply kim - thanks!

@Icar - thanks! sana nga :)

@zoan - go!go!go!

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