Monday, December 5, 2011

My New Project Entry # 5 plus a New Baby?

Yesterday, was another morning aerobic session. We jogged, stretched, did crunches as the rain continuously poured on. Rain or shine, exercise pa rin. Career talaga.
I think I missed 3 or more sessions of aero because of my busy schedule the past weeks and I think I gained weight again. Darn! I even missed one belly dance class :(
Yesterday, I'm contemplating on taking slimming pills, slimming coffee or drink to help me lose weight. Why can't losing weight be as easy as gaining weight?
Heck, I will try to push my will power to the limit and not succumb to artificial slimming techniques. I really want it as natural as possible because I'm afraid the rebound will be much worse.

Oh and what could be worse than getting pregnant after all the weight lose effort? Husband has been bugging me for baby number three saying that our little boy is no longer a baby (he now smells like a stinkin' 2-year old) so it's high time (daw) for a new baby.
I love babies, I adore my kids but right now they're already a handful just them two. What more with a new baby G.? Anyway, my mind's not yet resigned to only two kids but, maybe a year or two more before I'm ready to carry a little angel again?


anney said...

Naku ewan ko ba ako ang tamad ko mag exercise pero gusto ko pumayat.Bat nga kaya ang hirap magpapayat pero madali mag gain ng weight? Ang sarap kasi kumain no! hehehe!

march on... said...

Tama! Maswerte talaga ang mga malakas kumain pero hindi tumataba :)

Mommy Marlyn said...

buti p kau, bkit ako hirap maggain weight=(..
wish ko lang mgana ako kumain..

march on... said...

@ mommy marlyn - naku, yan yata ang problema na gusto ko, paano mag-gain weight kung payat :)

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