Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank Goodness for that Nasty Cough

Husband had been a smoker since the tender age of 11. Yes, that young. He sneaked from their house and went to the sari-sari store to buy his poison and smoked there or any place where his dad can't see him. 

stop smoking
He’s been enjoying this bad habit since so that sums to more than 20 years of being a smoker. Until a month ago.

He rarely gets sick (weird for someone with bisyo, right?) but last month he was inflicted with a really bad cough. He had no choice but to stop smoking and since his cough lasted for almost two weeks, he couldn't smoke for quite a while. When the cough subsided, he still abstained from smoking because there are still occasional bouts of coughing.

Then it came to a point when he realized he had not puffed one single stick for 19 days. As they say, it takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit and he promised and tried to reach 21 days cigarette-free.
You see, since Sophie was born he’s been trying to quit smoking saying that he still wants to be alive to watch his kids grow old but the willpower is just too weak. 

Then, that nasty two-week cough happened.

Now it’s been more than a month and going two that he's been puff-free. I was considering on giving him an electric cigarette as one friend of ours who also quit smoking uses it when there is an urge to smoke but husband says he’s not really craving for a puff. Goody, I hope and pray it will be permanent. I hope that the 20 years of bad habit will be overpowered by the 21 days of will power and that he will really go clean for his kids. 

Because he's been a good boy, what would be a nice gift for Mr. birthday boy?

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