Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ang Lakwatserang Pamilya

What a week! Just before lunchtime today, I came across a client that doesn't know what she's talking about and a client who wants to force a commitment out of me, one that I wouldn't give even if she pushes me off the building. Geessh! Talk about Thursday madness.

Anyway, it's all part of the job. Good thing I ended last week with so many happy notes that I'm still in a positive mood today. First off, finalized our Palawan trip for next year. Husband and I got our flights and accommodations booked. Yay! This will be my birthday gift and I'm so excited especially since it's been a while since we traveled on our own. Remember my last post regarding our Coron trip? Well, this time we're pushing through with it, whatever happens. AS IN. We just booked a 3 day tour, though, because we couldn't leave the kids for more than that. We may get homesick and fly home in the middle of the tour.
We got one more travel itinerary for 2012, this time with the kids but I'll share about it when all is confirmed.
I'm just glad I'm back on the road to lakwatsa. The kids are older now and from our trips to Subic and Baguio, we know that they, too, enjoy our travels to different places. Nobody whines and grunts kapag nasa lakwatsa. Even I get surprised at how behaved my kids are during long-distance trips. Mga mana sa magulang :)

We also got our annual December trip to Baguio all set and just waiting for the dates to arrive. The family is spending the Christmas in the city of Pines and the kids (and yayas) are super excited. Me, I'm just as excited to visit places in Baguio I haven't been to before. Hope to sneak a Sagada trip.


chai galapon said...

good for you, you got big kids already, you can tag them along anywhere u wish to go...ako probably 2 more years pa...pwede na din... Hi Janaki... got our pics posted na.. accept fb nalang..


march on... said...

Hi there Chai! Thanks for dropping by :) yes, in a couple of years pwede na bitbitin ang mga bagets sa lakwatsa :)

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