Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eleven Days and Counting: Rushing Through The Holidays

Whoa! Only 11 days before Christmas and there are so many things left to be done, gifts to buy and wrap. To top it all off are the Christmas parties that I have to attend. Goodness, can’t I stretch the days a little more? Parang sa showbiz, kapag hindi pa ready ang next gap or segment, spiel muna si host para ma-stretch ang time. 

What happened to my early August holiday shopping? Suddenly, I’m rushing (again) to get all things done before the family’s Baguio trip on the 23rd. Okay lang sana kung fly ka lang sa Christmas party and have fun. Sophie’s school party, for one, will be done in a home for the aged in Marikina. And the little girl got a little bibbo ang volunteered for a part in three different presentations. Not one, not two, but three parts (!) which only means I need to find her costumes for these three characters. Waaah! Can you sense the panic in me?

I’m sure most working moms are in a panic mode right now. In my industry alone, this is the season also for special projects like Christmas and Yearend specials, departments are preparing for the launch of new programs at the start of 2012 so as much as I need to take a few days off to take care of personal errands, commitments need me to be at work as much as I can.

Right now, I try to survive the holiday rush with a trip to the malls before and after work, good that both malls near my work have extended their operating hours until 11pm. Another thing to be thankful for are the online stores and the very enterprising friends who offer gift-worthy items so I can do quick shop while working (although I think I ended up buying more for me than those on my list, nyak!)

Multitasking is the key but how far can you go in terms of multitasking? I remember one fateful morning at work, I was finishing a brief for a meeting while purchasing our airline tickets for Coron while having my breakfast of coffee and bagel while doing my makeup. By the time I finish, I was practically wasted. 

Sometimes I don't know if my mantra for the holidays should be 'get done with it and fast!' or 'oh Christmas, don't come yet I want to enjoy the spirit to the fullest.' 

Which is yours? :)

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