Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Ready for Christmas!

Bags are finally packed, gifts packed and ready for delivery to family and friends. Some made it to their destinations already. Grocery for the trip packed, toiletries packed. Pak na pak na and ready for the holidays and for Baguio trip tomorrow. Yay!

Just when I thought I could never make it to Christmas without going nuts, I made it after all. Thank God.

I'm down to my last Christmas party tonight, the most demanding party by the way because I'm a talent manager of one of our Ms. Bebot 2011 contestants and the grand coronation is tonight. Haay, mahirap pa lang maging talent manager, magastos na, matrabaho pa! Just this morning I have to buy him (yes, contestant is a him and it has to be a straight guy) fake lashes and stockings. Kaloka! I have to squeeze in ideas for our Bebot in between my gift buying and all other errands. Kailangan talaga sabay sabay, noh?

Anyhoo, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! In case things get totally crazy from here on, I want to be able to greet you all a safe and prosperous Christmas. Let us all remember the reason for the celebration is Jesus. Have a blessed day!

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