Thursday, September 23, 2010

Agham Road Demolition

It's almost 7pm, almost time to go home. I hope we will not have to encounter the terrible traffic caused by demolition move along Agham Road in QC. Seeing the news on TV makes you really question: what's with these informal settlers? How can they fight for something that is not theirs in the first place? An old lady resident said in an interview that if the government will relocate them, what will happen to their livelihood, their welfare, their children's education? The thing is, what kind of welfare are they fighting for when they are living in uninhabitable condition? Is a push cart or pedicab covered with an old blanket a house? Can an old stroller that's really filthy and parked on the islands a child's room? Can it protect their very young children from rain, heat of the sun and smog? Their livelihood? If you pass by Agham Rd. every single day as I do you can see that there are so many 'tambays' and kids playing outside anytime of the day. I wonder what kind of livelihood they will leave behind? Everyday, when I pass by that street I shake my head in dismay. An area where there are so many government offices is surrounded by slam communities. It is such an eye sore, how can the government turn a blind eye on this? Not only because it doesn't look nice but simply because these people do not have proper housing and need help. But the again when the government starts to do something about it, the informal settlers run amok.
These informal settlers will not be evicted from Agham Road and relocated to Montalban, Rizal if they have documents or land titles to prove the ownership of the property they live in in the first place. How can they turn their back and refuse the P200 a month monthly amortization for the housing project the government offers? There are so many families paying rent right now who would grab that opportunity if offered just to have a place of their own.

Anyway, I hope this demolition projects ends peacefully, without bloodshed and that all will benefit from this.

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