Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eat, Shop, Tour in Subic

According to our intranet site, it's 85 days before Christmas and I'm so excited! I don't know about other adults who find this season depressing but Christmas still makes me giddy as a kid :) I guess one reason to be happier now is that I know Sophie and Sam will really enjoy this season especially since Sam is a toddler already. 

Last Saturday, I added more items on my xmas basket with some toys and kikay stuff I bought from Duty Free and Royal Subic. I'm now down to buying gifts for the category of non-inaanak-but-need-to-give-gift-as-well, friends, co-managers and staff. So when we headed to Subic to 'break in' the car, I was able to find very nice gift items that are cheaper there than here in Manila and brands that are hard-to-find. Oh well, it would be totally stupid to buy things there that's more expensive than in Manila. Quote unquote break in because nowadays there's really no need to break in a car but because husband and I are looking for excuse to go out of town and spend unwisely, we went for the 'break in' trip with his parents :) 

Anyhoo, I was able to buy also personal stuff like shirt for Sophie and a jogging outfit for Sam. Bought also Dub car vacuum for P400.00, Calgon shower gels and colognes (all scents really smell good!), goodies like Combos which were on buy1 take1 promo or $.38 per piece, etc. But I guess my best steal that day was the VO5 shampoo for $1.68, that less than a hundred for one big bottle :)

Alberto Vo5 Shampoo,...
We also toured my in laws around the area as it has been a while since they last went to Subic. We went to Cubi Triboa district where the monkeys are like dogs in Manila, they're just everywhere. Took photos of them for Sophie and Sam but with the windows closed for fear they would jump on me. We went further in the district and my MIL, being a daughter of a Navy officer, had a trip back memory lane the moment she saw the barracks in Cubi area.That's how their house looked like in Cavite when she was young, a tunnel-like structure with doors and windows. It was quite a big structure and according to my MIL it has a huge bathroom. Her stories made me curious of how the inside look that I want to take a peep but I noticed that houses are occupied and I found it dyahe to intrude. 
Highlight of the trip was lunch at Extremely Expresso in Sta. Rita Rd. where we ordered giant seafood pizza, meatball spaghetti, ceasar salad and blueberry cheesecake. We also brought home 2 very huge cinnamon bread (P50 each). I wanted to try their gelato but my stomach was about to explode! The pizza will make you come back to the place, the desserts you can go without. This is my second trip to that resto (first was after the Pundaquit outing) and it has been very satisfying on both occasions. The place is packed again but  this time were able to find a table. 

p.s. no photos still, upload problem :( 

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