Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally! I was able to start on this new project last Sunday since it was stay-at-home Sunday.

But first a backgrounder on this bedside table: my husband got this bedside table from his grandparent's house in Makati City. It was his Lolo Maeng's(+) and for sentimental reason he brought along with him when we moved to our first apartment after marriage. 5 years, 2 apartments, 2 kids  and 1 new house after, the very old, bruised,outdated and very much loved table is still with us. I remember it became my constant companion during those postpartum moments (rather not go into details here). It remains very sturdy, though, carrying our old 24’ TV until now.

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to give it a new look I think it deserves. Photo upload is conking out so I'll just describe it as detailed as I can : it has very clean and simple lines, very oriental with slender legs. Will
remind you of those temples in Japan. It was painted in black/dark brown.

With white furnitures in right now, this one is getting that look, I say.

 First step: took off the old color and smoothen those bumps with a sandpaper, ask your friendly hardware what’s the best sandpaper for wood. I bought mine at Wilcon Builders. Sanding is kinda tiring so be prepaped physically. You can also pay someone to do this especially if you have ‘ngilo’ issue. I always prefer to start and finish my own project no matter how inexperienced I am so it’s just me and this table. This is my first time to do this kind of project.

Step 2: cleaned the dust off the table with a dry cloth then a wet cloth to clearly see if old paint was evenly sanded off. Any work I did on this is purely experimental, do not try this at home unless you trust me hehe.

Step 3: somehow, Im happy with how the old paint came off and once the table was dry and clear of dust, I applied first coat of white paint (quick drying enamel for wood). Once that dried, I applied the second coat. But, *yikes*, I read in a site that you have to use primer before putting on the first coat. I wonder if this applies to repaint job? Anyway, I left it at 2 coats of white paint.

should be Step 4: u huh, I haven't reached this stage yet but will really get to this : sand off the painted table again with very fine sandpaper, the one you use for finishing to smoothen the surface. Dust it off and paint you last coat. This should give off a very smooth and clean surface (I hope...)

I’m now kinda undecided what design to put or to let it stay all white? I was originally planning on stencil designs but realized yesterday that my designs are patterns are outdated. Now, I’m a dead end. Any suggestions?

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*MrsMartinez* said...

Ang tagal ko ng walang paint project haha

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