Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's Growing Nicely in My Garden 2

I'm reposting this photo because,finally, found out it's name! It's a Lantana Camara Lucky Pot of Gold and falls under the category of annuals. Now I know...that's why it's stubborn to grow flowers during summer season and I had to relocate it in shadier areas every now and then just so it won't wilt and die. A few weeks ago, I found a permanent place for it that's forever shady... under the papaya and malunggay tree :)

I just never thought gardening can be so addicting! Imagine, I searched on the web for almost an hour just to get the name of this flower. Good thing is, I found some other flowers that are easy to grow (and maintain) during my search. Just hope it's available in the local market. 


Two weekends ago, Stephen and I bought additional ornaments for the front garden from our suking supplier slash future neighbor who has a Decostone shop in Regalado Ave. We added the gray slab of stone (P50 each and really really heavy!), medium white rocks (P20 per kilo) and the terracotta pots with ribbon designs (P25 each). Trimmed the shrubs, place the white santan on the new pots. Now it looks better, with a little depth and dimension :0 Stephen likes it so much that he's been coaxing me to go back to our supplier and buy more stuff. Anyway, last week, I let a Japanese wooded lantern (a surplus of our wedding giveaways) sit on the corner of the gray stone and it looks so much more like a mini Zen garden already. 

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