Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sam's Teething Stage

This morning, Sam woke up again at around 430am whining. He's been like this since his molars started to erupt. He's got 2 out now so more to come :( In the past nights, I would just give him his milk, cuddle him and he'd be okay. But since yesterday, he prefers to be carried and swayed to the tune of 'Rock a Bye Baby' or the Barney song. Such a poor boy... it always makes me sad when my kids go through the teething stage especially if the molars or incisors erupts all at the same time, as with Sam :( Being a mom, it's like I can physically feel their pain and discomfort. Although they never succumb to fever (yes, I'm one of those believers that it is a myth that fever is connected to teething). I don't also like to use any teething gel or paste because they never really had positive reviews from moms who used them.

Since he can't sleep anymore he will pull me towards the bedroom door to say that he want's to go down to the living/play area. He will always say 'Dun' and point with his mouth, so Pinoy! hehe. Once there he would play quietly until everybody else in the household is up. He seems to feel better upright.

Being an opportunist mom (is that good or bad?), I grabbed those very early mornings to teach him a few more words and picture recognition. They say that a baby's brain is best working when they just woke up from sleep. So I pointed some pictures from their magic board : ball, shoes, flowers, apples. Of course, hands down he can recognize and say ball. Then there are shoes and other pictures, at first he was just staring at them as I repeat the words then suddenly he pointed to the picture of shoes and said 'tsoo'. I was so happy! afterwhich, he pointed to the set of apples and said 'apapap', that's apple to me and I can't complain :0 As for flowers, I decided to give him more time because it's not easy for a toddler to say these consonant blends. Sophie was pronouncing flowers as 'slowers' (as in slawers) for sometime before she can say it properly.

I hope Sam gets through teething soon, I miss his welcome when we arrive from work. Lately since he's been up early, he also hits the sack early and I miss his very ecstatic greeting. He's like a headless chicken running around frantically in his crib, doing all sorts of antics then shouting Bam Bam Broom! (which means Daddy's car is here) and Mommy! (who else:0 )  then later on making the paawa look which means 'carry me please?'. I'd carry him, of course, and return Sophie's very tight hug :)

Okay, I'm going home now to my babies :)

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