Thursday, September 16, 2010

Step Out! Avon Walk and Run Against Breast Cancer

I want so much to join Avon's Run/Walk for Breast Cancer. Our company is in partnership with this project. It's not only a healthy activity, it's also for a cause. I know I need to prep for this so two nights ago I ran again around the park for an hour (well, with walk combined of course). It was so much fun running again. What's more fun is that I finally have my energy and willpower back for this.
        Last night I wasn't able to run so I searched for my dusty Hip Hop Abs DVD and tried to do the 10-minute cardio/abs workout. This exercise I really enjoy because it's practically dancing but with focus on ab workout. I love dancing! I have been a dancer since preteens. I was a member of a dance group in college and always part of the cheering squad even at work :0 Dancing gives me a certain degree of fulfillment and pride especially since I'm not gifted on the singing part (husband is worried I may be tone deaf, how rude! ). Anyway, I believe dancing is one of my forte (aside from male bashing) and I'd like to be able to do that more often. Actually, last night I was thinking of joining a pole dancing or street dancing class. Never really specialized in street/break dance before but I hope I'm not too old for that. Oh well, one goal at a time. 

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hahai.ponce said...

I would really want to join this run but I just shelled out a sum for me and my family to join the pledge run for Haribon Foundation, we're joining as a team, though my husband I think is contemplating to join the race component.

I already ordered for a shirt from Avon just in case my hectic schedule permits me to join the walk ;)

By the way, you may be interested to join our event, the Million Hectare Challenge - a challenge to restore the Philippines' rainforest. Please check out Thanks

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